The Only Conference Dedicated to MedTech Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality Management Professionals

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Belgium | 30th and 31st March 2022 | Live In Person Conference

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TT QA & SQM, Europe’s only dedicated conference for end-to-end MedTech Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality Management returns on the 30th - 31st March 2022, Brussels!

Forward thinking MedTech manufacturers place a huge focus on quality assurance and supplier quality to provide safe, effective medical devices for patients. As regulatory requirements continue to evolve across Europe, MedTech quality management professionals are constantly looking to stay ahead of the curve, to prepare facilities and teams for the changing requirements. While quality is the most important factor, COVID-19 calls for lifesaving products at large-scale and on limited time, challenging product quality and supplier quality management professionals to ensure quality standards are uncompromised by speed. They are also enormously pressurized to comply with national and global regulatory standards to achieve compliance in global MedTech markets.

In-person conferences are finally making a comeback!

TT Group’s 5th Annual Medical Device & Diagnostic Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality Management Conference is returning to Brussels, Belgium!

TT QA & SQM, Europe’s only conference dedicated to MedTech Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality management will delve in smart strategies further enhance internal and external quality processes by employing risk-based approaches to ensure compliance. With leading technology innovators and service providers, you will network with your peers, and access a wealth of knowledge and advice on: emerging global trends, regulatory challenges, and effective product quality and supplier quality management processes to avoid non-conformance.

Presentations supported with real-life case studies and practical examples will provide deeper insights for maintaining quality. This conference will provide attendees an opportunity to participate in a highly interactive sessions supported by real-life business examples, case studies, Q&A sessions and round table discussions led by experienced professionals. First-hand experience and tips will be shared on quality assurance and supplier quality management within Europe - reflecting on the key trends, requirements and guidance in global regulatory affairs and their likely implications for quality. Receive the actionable takeaways necessary to achieve your goals with a further improved product and supplier quality process.

If you are a part of the MedTech Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality Management community, TT QA & SQM guarantees valuable return on time invested.

2022 TT QA & SQM Speakers

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150+ MedTech Quality Leaders
Conference to be held in person
30+ Solution-focused topics
7 hours of networking


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Why Attend TT QM & SQM

Live interactive content

TT QA & SQM is a collaborative environment for learning with a powerful mix of interactive content. With breakout sessions and an informal Q&A after every session, panel debates, case studies and workshops; TT QA & SQM delivers all the product and supplier quality management content you need in the most engaging format.

Meet your counterparts 

With one of the most robust screening processes in the industry, all attendees will be in an environment full of MedTech Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality Management experts, exclusively. Attendees can ask their most important questions to the group for direct replies from elite industry experts.

Customize your content

TT QA & SQM will allow attendees to pick the subjects most relevant to them. This tailored event experience ensures each attendee receives the information, and networking opportunities, most applicable to their day-to-day role.

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